In new mirrors

by Cellar Doves

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    "Cellar Doves" is an alternate moniker of damian daviid, focusing on lyrical material. "In new mirrors" was written, sung, performed, produced, mixed, mastered and released by damian daviid, via: "Love Death Disco" digitally, on 06|08|2010 and pressed to a limited 100 clear vinyl records, approximately two months later, as the debut album of "Cellar Doves".

    as of 08|20|2014 approximately 25 records remain. the initial 75 sold between two release shows, in providence, ri. the shows featured damian daviid [voice/keys] patrick conway [drums/keys] and daniel louton [voice/keys].

    in 2013, "In new mirrors" was followed up by the second "Cellar Doves" album, "Your Golden Heart"

    the cover art of "In new mirrors" [LDD1054] features an illustration, painted by danni lange of snarl apparel. the packaging and layout were conceptualized by ryan mcintosh of intellectual property prints. each purchase of INM [LDD1054] comes paired with a digital download code of INM [LDD001], at no extra cost. please indicate if you would prefer your code be included on paper, along with the shipped package [useful when bought as a gift], or indicate an e-mail address where you'd like to receive your link & download code.

    In new mirrors [vinyl] LDD1054 tracklist:

    01. Advance
    02. Birth
    03. Limbus
    04. Eye To Eye
    05. In New Mirrors

    06. Drink This
    07. Modular Hopes
    08. Song For Surgeons
    09. eleventwentytwo
    10. Temples

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released June 8, 2010

All music and words written, performed, sung, recorded, produced, mixed, mastered and owned by damian daviid.

Track 4 "Eye to Eye" features vocals by Eli Quinn and a quote from my dear friend Kelsey Forde in the lyrics.

LDD 1054 © 2010 ♥ ♠ ♣ love.death.disco.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Advance
even when we stick together...
the truth be told, i know we're all alone...
Track Name: Birth
heart manifest, I mold silent wishes, a snakes' flickering tongue withers
cloud illuminate, I call the skies' bluff, a storms' joke on me

love is a razor blade, circuit tripped I bind hollow glitches, doors noisy hinges
face frozen like that of love is a razor blade spiral up
Track Name: Eye to Eye
I must have found the secret recipe for getting just what I need
and if you walk along next to me, at a comfortable speed
I wouldn't mind seeing eye to eye with you
send a message from your thoughts that I can read

Manifesting in a craze with you
a veracious obsession to pursue
tempted to falling in a trend with you
attempted mystery reisalved
a serenade for a dismal parade
move along to the disco, be persuade

We're dreaming in another century
where we're simple primates
alpha-males and mating calls
epitome of our lascivious selves

Out of focus is the story told
dialing in from the other side
if there's a light for me to reason with
I'd be happy to try
Track Name: In New Mirrors
In new mirrors, the surface of sanity reveals an array of color true enough to mistake for the real thing always questionable after this many lashes to thought particles collecting dust in their absence misleading toward boredom through outside eyes separated to expose many motions lingering as lost as a satellite slipping closer I am to a truth unexpected alien parents robbed of their alleged lab rat

Spilling you by freewill, bizarre and real truth racing from my pores.

Pissing information to be used against the brotherhood an apple of your eye and a sect of the why ask me later I could give a damn when I am where I am and seeing it for what is what it is a good majesty a nice shoe to polish and a fine rag of the spit pee stoop glad to be a cloud never mind on never mask off only in the dawn of our existence

Spilling you by freewill, bizarre and real truth racing from my pores.
Stirring up the scrambled thoughts and tearing down the forts

And oh the backwards bending knees would have been nothing far fetched of the programmed children I've never met plainly believe none of which to imagination first hand witness of a timeless truth and the trend fades... and the fair trades... and the air raids... and their authoriwhat? and their no`thing and the bend made after ends made and the fat paid and the trend fades and the ace a spade and the trend fades
Track Name: Inquietude
Track Name: Drink This
Stab myself with an knife and come back to life if I'm not open hearted I can change that I can tell you're circling and the drugs are working we're just passing through don't let it get to you

You've got a lot of clones who report back to you a hit list is as good as a wish list all your friends dead for Christmas wisdom teeth growing in the infectious fear isn't going to win

Steady movements and focus til the end been thinking this through before I go ahead and press send take me by surprise the color of your eyes the feeling of your skin I can't help but to want in
Track Name: Modular Hopes
Track Name: Prana
erase the words
tryin to think
thoughts erased
erase the whole world
erase the whole world
back to life
skip the
skip the beat
the beat
come back to life
Track Name: Song for Surgeons
I wake up and their eyes are made of stars
the city sings and the street names speak
everything changes completely
and the doubt disappears
blue outlines they shimmer in the edges of a glance
traffic lights and sirens form in melody and time
no one's forced to feel one way but no one's out of line
Westminster and Matthewson and Washington are mine
doctor wakes me up and tells me the surgery went fine
Broadway and Empire are there for my down time
Track Name: Eleventwentytwo
Track Name: Temples
May I pretend I am not alive?
A pleasure to deceive an empty compromise
Relieve the growth of an elastic breaking point
Steady persuasion mock the voice of innocence
Ever such soothing words to swear by
The deepest shallow end you've never swam alone
Amongst avoiding the conclusion you might strike a nerve
Never believe for a second we won't get what we deserve
Cause we're temples of our own behaviour
Temples of our own behaviour
Temples of our own behaviour
Temples of our own behaviour
Temples of